What's the difference between gold plated and solid gold?
Great question. I broke it down with care descriptions below.




Gold plated (or gold vermeil if you're working with silver as a base) basically means a metal dipped in gold. In our case, we're talking about either brass (heavy) or pewter (lighter) dipped in 18K gold. This is typically known as 'fashion' or trend jewelry as the gold has a tendency to fade or tarnish over time depending on wear.

All RORY ROCKMORE products are plated in the U.S.A. (boop) at some of the best production houses that already plate all of your favorite brands.


GOLD PLATED CARE: To prolong the luster of your RORY ROCKMORE chain, avoid lotions, oils, and fragrance as much as possible. Don’t wear her in the shower, pool, or ocean. Don’t sleep with her on. If you’re gonna wear her while you’re having sex, go slow and only do missionary.




Solid gold is what it is, babe. It's solid fucking gold. It's gorgeous, it's a model, it looks like Linda Evangelista. It's going to last forever. It also retains its value so you can think of it more as an investment. If you order a custom solid gold nameplate, ring, or earrings, you'll be able to pass them on to your kids if you're crazy enough to have them. In my case, we use three colors (yellow, white, and rose) solid 14K gold in high shine because life is too short for matte finishes. 


SOLID GOLD CARE: You’re working with solid gold now, so feel free to wear her in the pool. If you like nature, go ahead and dip into the ocean. You don’t have to be afraid of water. Just remember the chain is precious and fragile so treat her kindly and wear her with pride and confidence — I know you will.





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