Wellness for the People: The Paradise Edition

Wellness for the People: The Paradise Edition


I met Jazz and Angie through their Wellness for the People activation with Bloom & Plume Coffee, one of my fave coffee spots in Los Angeles. I've always seen their postings for community events but was never able to attend because of whatever work/scheduling conflict I had at the time. Really early on into quarantine while Jaim and I were still figuring out the logistics of how we were both going to exist in our apartment, I decided to RSVP to Wellness for the People. I clicked the Zoom link without really reading or knowing what I was getting into. I had never used Zoom before and I kind of assumed it would just be like watching a video. I ended up in a 9 person video chat — a virtual room full of strangers. Even typing that out in this post seems weird to me because until that point it’s not something I could picture myself doing. But I did. I joined. Here I am in this virtual room with my face showing and I can see other faces that I didn't recognize. I could picture myself, post quarantine being at the coffee shop and someone recognizes me as the dude who stormed out of the virtual Wellness chat.

Almost paralyzed with vulnerability I decided to relax and just went with it. I introduced myself, followed the intro prompts and there I was… on a group therapy Zoom call. Not ten minutes into it during the warm up breathing exercise I was not only comfortable but surprisingly relaxed. I just started sobbing. I stepped out of the frame for a second to get a tissue. I could recognize instantly this release was the anxiety and pressure I'd been feeling the last few weeks and clearly had to get it out. I came back and was looking at everyone in the chat like wow, these are my people right now and I was grateful to be with them.



I finished the session and from there I was hooked. I was hooked on the idea, I was hooked on the feeling, and most importantly I was hooked on the people. Jazz and Angie provide effortlessly a comfortability that welcomes you in and makes you feel like you're supposed to be here. The session is smooth and organized. They're real people — like human beings — it’s refreshing. They speak with you and not at you. As I’ve learned from my continued work with them, Jazz and Angie possess an incredible gift of creating community. They have a very specific-to-them way of creating an actual space where there isn’t one, and making you feel welcomed and at ease. After meeting them for one hour I honestly felt like I could tell either of them anything. Aside from all that they're cute as fuck.


After my first sesh, I felt like it would be a disservice for me to keep this to myself. I texted all of my friends almost immediately after. From there I began working with them on a few sessions with my staff which led to the idea of: The Paradise Edition.



I feel super grateful to still have my job, my health, and my family. Existing in this time has really given me some perspective into myself and encouraged me to look at my brand in a different way. I’ve never had an offering like this as my main focus is custom jewelry and accessories — now here I am slinging virtual group therapy. Look at that, girl!! I’m excited and even inspired to explore this territory and offer my first iteration of Wellness for the People.




Who are Jazz & Angie?

Jazz and Angie are licensed mental health clinicians, spiritual practitioners, and best friends.  Together, they have over 20 years of multi-faceted experience healing and holding space alongside individuals, groups, communities, and each other, often during really difficult times. Angie and Jazz believe wholeheartedly in holistic wellness which for them includes a commitment to staying curious, grounded, and connected with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ways of being. Jazz and Angie share the belief and the value of togetherness, having experienced the power deep healing and wellness can offer both individually and collectively when in community with others.

As their site is still in progress, to contact them or schedule your own appointment, click here and I will personally put you in touch.


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