Megan Thee Stallion... Finally!!!!

Megan Thee Stallion... Finally!!!!

Over the past few years, I've probably made about 12-13 pieces for Megan Thee Stallion for various campaigns or music videos—haven't seen one thing. 😔 I always go through about a week of pausing Kali Uchis and listening strictly to Megan in a hardcore manifestation effort. 


This time was a little different—I was in New York for big boy leadership training, doing 500 things and was all over the place. I **didn't really realize** this order from Bryon Javar was for HER. He's the king of halloween and always goes wild with his costume, so when he sent me the reference photo I fully thought it was for him..until the night before Halloween when I opened Instagram and almost passed out.



Shoutout to my wife and my brother Hagop for the production support here. Couldn't do it without 'em.

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