LAINA RAUMA ♥ RORY ROCKMORE: Paradise T-Shirt for Puerto Rico

LAINA RAUMA ♥ RORY ROCKMORE: Paradise T-Shirt for Puerto Rico

Laina and I came up with this collab idea back in May just as I launched We drove out to Malibu one Sunday (which happened to be Mother's Day but since we both live away from our mothers we... forgot) and shot polaroids on the beach. The real thrill for me was watching all the families enjoying the sunset... and watching the dads rubber necking to enjoy the body oil glistening off Laina's ass.



In the water - out of the water - different tops and bottoms la la la we're getting some good shit. I looked like a total perv knee deep in water with my plastic camera but it is what it is. I saw waves start to dramatically crash on the rocks and was all "Laina, let's do like a Little Mermaid thing, go out there on that rock..."...



We originally planned to drop the shirt in three colors and we wanted to add something special with it so we designed the cutest matching matchboxes you've ever seen:



As we were preparing to drop the shirts, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and left the place in shambles - I'll leave it at that as I'm sure you know the story, but if you live under a rock click here.


Last (drunken) Friday night, in our matching robes and slippers we decided we'd drop the shirts in one color, donating every dime to Puerto Rico relief efforts. We're really loud talkers in general, but with a frew brews in us, we were screaming the details to each other without missing a Mariah Carey beat... something like this:






Anyway - that's our story. The shirts are available from October 17-31st (2 weeks only.) Click here to shop! The first 50 orders will also get a matching LR/RR matchbox featuring Laina's booty. 








All funds are being donated to Ricky Martin's Hurricane Relief Fund. If you don't want a shirt and just want to donate, you can read more about it and how you can help here.



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