Hardcore Daddy Paradise Lookbook Shoot

Hardcore Daddy Paradise Lookbook Shoot

I shot my first lookbook yesterday. Lil nervous, but I was in good hands with my sis Robin Roemer on the snap and makeup artist to the stars, Haley Andrews on face.


We shot at Robin's studio in Mid-City. (I'll tell you about the time we woke up at 5:30am to take pictures at the pink house only to find it'd been painted beige overnight later.) I mixed us some lux grapefruit and orange mimosas because I love a full concept plus it was too early for tequila.









We didn't get too drunk ('we' meaning 'me' - my eyes are still open in all the shots) but I DO recommend never smoking five cigarettes at once. I had an idea for a shot but I also have asthma so this is what we got:




Hyped at how these turned out and looking forward to doing the absolute most with them. Shop my lil collection of shiny shit here. <3

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