Blue skies.

Blue skies.


Feels good to finally put out some new work. I'm excited to present my Summer 2020 earring collection (a little late!). With supplier delays and Covid safety, these babies took a little longer than anticipated.


Acrylics were something I had never intended on venturing in to, but after seeing a few notable people; Kylie, Lizzo, Iggy, Nikita, the list goes on and on (but a blog can only be so long) in my one acrylic earring offering, I figured it was a safe move.




This ten piece collection is a colorful mix of oversized classic RR motifs partnered with some adornments I've come to love. All are lightweight and designed with wearability in mind. 






Model: Kennedy McClain
Makeup: Erika Guinn
Art Direction/Styling: Ana Victoria Ramirez
Photography: Pavielle Garcia

















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