Be nice to yourself.

Be nice to yourself.


In today's episode of Flouro Face Masks for Charity, I present the Flamingo Face Mask benefitting My Friend's Place. I was introduced to My Friend’s Place after I moved to LA through one of my best friends, Kameron. I tagged along to a couple on-site volunteer opportunities and art directed a few tequila heavy fundraiser events. After spending a minute at the shelter, meeting the staff, and learning about the work they do and the change they effect, it was an easy decision to further my involvement.



For the last couple years I’ve Art Directed their annual benefit gala. Every year I present the option of a Leopard Print Paradise theme and every year the answer is “maybe next year.” I’m resilient so I’ll keep trying but in the meantime I’m happy to report, 100% of the profits from my Flamingo Face Mask sale will go directly to their efforts.


During this time My Friend’s Place is continuing to provide care to youth experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. The day shelter is still providing meals, clothing and emergency supplies, medical care and assessment, as well as providing case management services and housing support. They’re working to ensure the youth they are not forgotten amidst this global pandemic.


For more information on My Friend’s Place click here. And if neon pink isn’t your color but you’d like to contribute, you can donate directly to the cause by clicking here.

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