• White fragility.

    Posted on December 12 2020

      Coming at you with the second book in the Anti-Racist Book Club from the First Library of Paradise; White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo.     Overall, a great and...

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  • Blue skies.

    Posted on November 18 2020

      Feels good to finally put out some new work. I'm excited to present my Summer 2020 earring collection (a little late!). With supplier delays and Covid safety, these babies...

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  • RORY ROCKMORE for The Sweetest Language

    Posted on November 05 2020

      6 years ago my friends at The Sweetest Language gifted me a one-of-one of this bag. It's their classic Fur Clutch but oversized and ostentatious—exactly how I like it. It's been my favorite...

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  • For The Gworls

    Posted on August 18 2020

      For The Gworls began as a house party in July 2019 to raise money and spare a couple friends from eviction. Founder, and trifling ass lil rap bitch, Asanni Armon...

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  • The library is open.

    Posted on August 02 2020

      Living amidst an out-of-control global pandemic coupled with the systemic injustices of our country uncovering themselves by the minute, every day feels like an eternity. Most of us are...

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  • It's a jungle out there.

    Posted on June 16 2020

      For this third round of face masks, I wanted to keep the energy on a local and immediate cause. In a time where we lack proper leadership on a...

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