Spotted: David LaChapelle wearing custom RORY ROCKMORE.

Listen, I'm not gonna act like I didn't Diddy crop this photo but I did what I had to do. Anyone that knows me knows, David LaChapelle was one creative being that I've appreciated, adored, and admired my entire adult life. I could go on and on — even ask my mother to dig out my old college essays with Him as the subject, but I won't...



The man has shot every single one of my favorite Lil' Kim photos... what do you even want from me? In this house we worship his work. It's no surprise my level of excitement seeing him wearing a custom RORY ROCKMORE 'DLC' nameplate — and with the Mother of Elegance herself, Amanda Lepore.


Have a blessed day. I know I am.

(Shoutout to Brett for hooking it up.)

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