Ayyyyy! Glad to be back with my new collection of rings and tings featuring some foine, fun, and custom jewelry options with a little back stage peek at our lookbook shoot from a few weeks ago.



A major element of the RORY ROCKMORE brand lays in the harmony between masculine and feminine. I like to find the sweet spot of the in-between and run with it - plus it's always fun to freak my mom out a little by randomly sending her pictures of me with cashier acrylics on.


For this campaign, I was mostly concerned with creating a series of images that we were proud of as opposed to conventional product shots. I really wanted to create some super colorful and clean nail shots remixed with a mans hand + my new jewelry, obviously. Working with Robin Roemer is always a dream. She introduced me to prop rental houses and at this point I can't imagine myself existing in a world without them. Can I get a moment of silence for this neon pink pager?






On top of that, I'm lucky enough to have one of the world's baddest Nail Queens, Nails by Yoko, on the text. She really hooked me up when it came to these nail looks. The first was a set of french tips because for as long as I can remember, I've felt a physical connect to a long, strong, and square French tip manicure (paired with those Steve Madden slip on sandals and the scent of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue that pretty much every girl in the 518 and beyond took to the mall in - can you even?). The second set was inspired by one of the most iconic (don't @ me) manicures on the planet — the exact nails Lil' Kim wore on the cover of her NOTORIOUS K.I.M. album cover shot by one of my idols, David LaChapelle. And last but certainly not least, I wanted to summon my roots and add a little white trash element with the biker babe, flame nails. The neon orange of the nail paired with the neon orange of the Cheetos made for a delicious backyard BBQ-ass visual snack.


I can also officially report that long nails do in-fact give you energy. Once you press them on, you become them.




Peep the entire series below and before I forget — shoutout to my Unicorn Assistant for the day, Sophie Chan. She worked a lot harder than it looks in this pic.


"Do you have some sort of, Business Woman Special?"



"Calling my ma for backup."



"I don't like to get political but..."



"If Kionna from Belly was a gay man."


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