For The Gworls

For The Gworls


For The Gworls began as a house party in July 2019 to raise money and spare a couple friends from eviction. Founder, and trifling ass lil rap bitch, Asanni Armon took inspiration from rent parties of the Harlem Renaissance era and started a rent renaissance of their own.


“I didn’t know what I could do, but I know that there’s something that can be done. I can’t let anything happen to them.” (via Slate, 2020)


Asanni and FTG have now raised upwards of $250,000 and redistributed it directly to Black trans community members in need—no questions asked. As in-person parties obviously can’t happen right now, all efforts have been moved to online. Their fundraising covers requests for rental assistance amidst the pandemic as well as assistance with gender-affirming surgeries. These funds are especially important right now as we are seeing anti-Blackness and transphobia at the forefront of our current administration.



As I’ve said before, with our current lack of leadership—we need to consistently uplift and support our fearless community leaders. Asanni is a god-damned legend. I have the utmost respect for people who make something out of nothing. Additionally, as Queer people living through 2020, it is cardinal we acknowledge how much we owe to our Black trans sisters who preceded us. Without them we would not have the rights and freedoms we so easily take for granted today. Check your privilege, pooh.



I had intended on releasing a small collection of enamel pins at the end of the summer with some sassy sayings and classic RR motifs. Given the lack of interest from leadership in the country's pandemic/racial injustice soufflé, I decided to share the profits from the sale of all my new pins with For The Gworls.



I encourage anyone reading this to follow Asanni and For the Gworls. You can also read more about For The Gworls and their initiatives at the link below. If you aren't into flair and would prefer to donate directly, click here.


Forbes; Asanni Armon’s Collective, For The Gworls, Gives Directly To Black Trans People In Need




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